New England Chapter of Concerns of Police Survivors

Our Purpose

  • To provide support of law enforcement survivors by forming bereavement/growth groups where survivors can offer and receive emotional support.
  • To aid survivors with some understanding of the judicial process.
  • To provide information about appropriate services which may exist within federal, state, and local governments.
  • To provide a source of information about benefits available to assist the surviving members of the law enforcement family.
  • To provide other relief and assistance to law enforcement survivors, as is consistent with the constitution and bylaws of the chapter and the National organization.
  • To assist police departments in establishing line of duty death policies, procedures and protocols.
  • To educate the public, police departments and organizations about the unique problems and needs facing law enforcement survivors


All too often a police officer’s death is a sudden loss of one’s life. Within seconds of the officers death, countless lives are affected and shattered. Spouses, parents, siblings, children, grandparents, relatives, friends, co-workers, and significant others all share the effects. All suffer a traumatic loss requiring special care and assistance to help deal with their loss and to learn to live with their suddenly changed circumstances. Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc. (C.O.P.S.) is a national, non-profit organization that has been the link to help surviving law enforcement families put the pieces of their lives together and move on beyond their pain and suffering.

In July, 1995 the Massachusetts Chapter of C.O.P.S. was chartered and immediately began assisting the surviving families of officers killed in the line of duty in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. In presenting the Massachusetts Charter, Mr. Ray Payne, the N.E. Region trustee, stated that “The Massachusetts Chapter has been extremely interesting to follow. This is one of the healthiest chapters that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.” In January, 2010, the Massachusetts Chapter changed it’s name to The New England Chapter of Concerns of Police Survivors and reached out to surviving families in Maine and Vermont.

Aside from our occasional fundraisers, we rely on donations from supportive organizations, businesses and individuals. If you would like to donate to New England C.O.P.S., you can send to the mailing address at the bottom of the page – any amount would be appreciated. Your check can be made out to The New England Chapter of Concerns of Police Survivors.